mandag den 17. juni 2013

New easy nails

Saturday I where a bit borred (again) and wanted to make some cool new nails. And I made these nails. It's really easy. Just colour the white part of the nails in the colours you want and you get this. 
And you can always do more to make them stand out. You can make a half circel down with your cuticle or you can make some dots or stribes. There's a lot of opportunities to make them stand out from these standart looking nails. So just get creative and try to make some yourself.

Peace from here :)

søndag den 16. juni 2013

The introduction

I have chosen to make this blok on english and that is an experiment just as this blok. 
I would put some pictures in and describe them and comment them.

An example on how it is going to be is this:

This is an picture of some nails i have made for second time. But i have never made them with red or the speciel nail polish. 
But the most easy way to make them is to make a white layer. Then you grab a peace of tape and place it so you get a straight line in the middle of your finger. Then fill det half of the free area with the black or the red nail polish. Then remove the tape and you have to fill that half of the half whitch the tape has covered. Remember that the two halfs witch has the same color may not stick together, 'cause then you will not get these checkers. 
And of course you kan use other colors than black and red. But its hard to use other colors than white to make this. 

Well, that was the small introduction.
I hope that you would like to look ad my blok.